Additional Resources

Soldering Tips

Through Hole Soldering


Surface Mount Soldering


Using Git

Here is an nice introduction to what Git is: Tutorial by Atlassian

If you don’t want to use the command line for running Git commands, I recommend downloading SourceTree to use as a GUI.

Cloning the Cerebro repository from Github

From the Command Line

Create a new folder into which you want to clone the repository

mkdir mylocalrepo

Navigate into the folder you just created and then clone the contents of the Cerebro repository from Github

cd mylocalrepo/
git clone .

From a Mac terminal it will look like this:


Using SourceTree

  1. Navigate to File -> New/Clone
  2. Paste as the source/URL
  3. The files now exist locally on your computer
../_images/cloneFromURL.png ../_images/local_dir_info.png ../_images/local_files.png

Circuit Board Design

EAGLE CAD design software is used for all of the circuit boards in the Cerebro Wireless Optogenetics System. To get started with editing PCB files, check out the following tutorials: